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Membership - Region 3

Hello Everyone,

In the past chapter of the year has not been as transparent or clear as it should’ve been. The new way chapter of the year will be managed intends to change that.

To begin with chapters will be separated into categories dependent on the size of the chapter.

  • Small - 25 members or less

  • Medium - 25 -75 members

  • Large - 75+ members

Below are the different categories that you can earn points in to help your chapter win chapter of the year and then compete at National Convention for chapter of the year throughout the entire organization.

  • % of Membership Increase (500 pts)

  • Monthly Reports (50 pts)

  • Membership Retention (200 pts)

  • % of members  with Verified GPAs (200 pts)   

  • % of APEX members (100 pts)

  • Being an Active Chapter (500 pts)

  • All Leadership Registered on Contact Sheet (100 pts)

  • % of Board Members that went to Regional Leadership Conference (200 pts)

  • % of members who went to Fall Regional Conference (200 pts)   

  • Action Items completed (200 pts)

  • Held Events for Leadership Development (200 pts)

  • Held Events for Membership Empowerment (100 pts)   

  • Proper Use of the NSBE Logo (200 pts)

  • Submitted  chapter Resumes (200 pts)   

  • Affiliated with a NSBE Jr. Chapter (100 pts)   

  • Interacted with other chapter(s) (150 pts)

The way chapter of the year is designed is to help chapters follow some basic goals so they can build a stronger foundation for the board after them. This is also a great way to identify points that a chapter is struggling with.

Being a new system any and all feedback is welcomed to help improve the selecting chapter of the year. If you have questions or feedback please direct them to r3membership@nsbe.org