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Pre-College Initiative - Region 3

Try-Math-A-Lon (TMAL) competition is held between teams composed of high school students in grades 9-12. The goal of the completion is to help groom TMAL team members for success in STEM courses and prepare students for standardized SAT/ACT testing.


● Mathcounts- Mathcounts is an  competition is a fun and challenging math program designed for U.S. middle school students to increase their academic and professional opportunities.


● First Lego League pre-college teams will build, test, and program an autonomous robot using legos to solve a set of missions in the Robot Game. In addition, teams will choose and solve a real-world problem in the project.


● Ten80 Student Racing Challenge is a league in which middle and high school students compete using electronic radio controlled cars to create products and work together. Student teams will showcase their work and compete over the internet, locally, and nationally in the following categories: project management, race engineering, aerodynamic design, alternative energy, create engineering, and graphic design.


● NSBE Jr. Explorer Technical Innovation Competition (TIC) allows pre-college students the opportunity to compete and explore the various applications of science by using projects, competitions, and science fairs. The TIC will occur during the Annual Convention.


● VEX Robotics provides pre-college students a platform to learn about various areas of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). In addition, VEX Robotics encourages teamwork, leadership, and problem solving among groups by competing in the VEX Skyrise.