Monthly Reports

In order for the Regional Executive Board to gather data about chapter successes and ongoings of the region, the REB is asking all Chapter Executive Board members to fill out monthly reports of their chapter activities. Reports submitted by Chapter Executive Board members are reviewed by REB members.

How do I fill out a Monthly Report?
Please click HERE, select your school and your position and start a new report for that month. Depending on your position, your regional counterpart may ask you to fill out the report at the end of the monh (i.e. reporting on October's actions on October 31st) or reporting on the 1st of the month for the previous month (i.e. reporting on October's actions on November 1st).

What is a One on One?
A One on One is a request for your regional counterpart to discuss with you individually about issues related to your position or your chapter. Your regional counterpart can provide you with information and strategies to better perform your position as a leader of NSBE.

How do I request a One on One with my Regional counterpart?
You can request a One on One while filling out the Monthly Report! While filling out the report, be mindful of the question  of the report, your regional counterpart will contact you to follow up on your specific questions!