Missouri Zone Chair


Iowa State University


Kansas City, MO

Former NSBE leadership roles:

2014 Iowa State Chapter Senator
2014-2015 Iowa State Chapter Finance Chair
2015-2016 Iowa State Chapter Treasurer
2017 Iowa State Chapter Vice Chair


Hello family! I am Aaron Hudgins hailing from Kansas City, MO.I study mechanical engineering at Iowa State. I have been involved in NSBE for over six years starting my Junior year in high school. Since then, I have stuck with NSBE which allowed me to grow into the leader I am today and to meet some amazing engineers across the nation. Outside of school and NSBE, I like to spend time with family and friends. I love food, especially barbecue. I enjoy a host of things including motor sport racing, mountain biking and playing Jazz music. I love to explore and try things that I have never done before.

Why do you love NSBE and what inspired you to join the REB?

I love NSBE because there is no other organization like it. Not only does NSBE give you substantial opportunities to hone and develop professional and leadership skills, it also inspires you to be a better person overall. NSBE gives a vision and a direction for black engineers seeking to impact their communities and the world.