Regional Leadership Chairperson


University of Missouri - Columbia


St. Louis, MO

Former NSBE Leadersip Positions:

Chapter Public Relations Chair
Chapter Secretary




My name is Briana Wilson and I am a senior at the University of Missouri – Columbia (Mizzou). I will be graduating in December with a B.S. in Biomedical Engineering. I am from St. Louis, MO and I am a member of the Delta Tau Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. In addition to studying engineering, I am also pre-med and will be applying for medical school a year after I graduate. I intend to incorporate my background in engineering with a career in the medical field either by working as an orthopedic surgeon or working with designing exoskeletons for hemi- and paraplegics. 

Why do you love NSBE and what inspired you to join the REB?

I was originally a psychology major and ended up switching to engineering my sophomore year. It was a hard transition and I felt like I had no idea how to be successful as an engineer. I was starting to regret my choice in changing my major when I was first introduced into my school’s NSBE chapter. They immediately welcomed me with open arms and encouraged me to continue on the path I had chosen. Along the way, they gave the resources and support I needed to flourish. The more time I spent studying, volunteering, and even just hanging out with the people I met in NSBE, the more I began to love the new family I had been blessed with. I was inspired to join the REB because I knew even though I would be graduating soon, I did not want to stop giving back to an organization that has given me so much. After researching the different positions that were available and talking to some of the other leaders within my chapter, I decided to run for the