Pre-Collegiate Initiative Chair


University of Louisiana at Lafayette


Lagos, Nigeria.

Former NSBE leadership roles:

Senator - University of Louisiana at Lafayette
2016-17 RLC 2016 CPC Executive Assistant


Emmanuel J, Edochie is a Mechanical Engineering major at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. Emmanuel's interests lie within applied mechanics, product design as well as product validation using various methods of instrumentation and measurements. Emmanuel enjoys traveling, reading, listening to music and photography. 

Why do you love NSBE and what inspired you to join the REB?

Attending my first National Conference in Boston, Ma helped me appreciate the amount of black excellence under one room. It also exposed me to multiple well polished leaders who were all motivated to fulfill NSBE's mission. I joined the REB because I want to have a hand within that mission. I am a firm believer of NSBE's 10K goal by 2025 and will do whatever I can to help NSBE achieve this goal.