"Lead and Inspire Others"


The 2015-2016 R5EB shares with us why they decided to join the regional board. Read their responses below and consider applying for the 2016-2017 regional board! Become a part of the next great generation of regional leaders! #ReviveRegionV #PeaceLove&NSBE

Rose Telus

Position: Membership Chair
School: University of Louisiana at Lafayette

I was introduced to NSBE in 2012 by my calculus tutor who was the president of my chapter.  I was a transfer student from an HBCU that was not happy with what my University was offering to the black students.  NSBE provided friendly faces that look like me, and we became family.  I became more involve in the organization and realized that it was bigger than what I’ve imagined.  I decided to join the REB because I knew that it was my duty to give back to the organization that gave me so much.

Avijeet Ghosh  

Position: International Chair

School: Lamar University 

My goal through joining the REB is to spread blessings to my NSBE FAMILY, helping them succeed and follow their dreams.

Lawal Olabanji

Position: Academic Excellence Chair

School: Texas A&M University

I joined the REB because of the culture, and commitment of the board members to develop the membership academically and professionally through its programming. 

William Leverette

Position: Fall Regional Conference Chair

School: University of Missouri-Kansas City

I decided to join the REB to further develop myself, and as an opportunity to give the membership a meaningful experience in Kansas City. I enjoy reading and finding new music.

Dwayne McKinney Jr.

Position: Finance Chair

School: Prairie View A&M University

NSBE has given me countless opportunities for professional growth while in college. I have been able to network with outstanding leaders throughout the country. NSBE is also a family. I met most of my closest friends and mentors through NSBE. The NSBE family encourages me to be the best I can be. 

Kristoffer Bridges

Position: Secretary

School: University of Nebraska

I joined the Regional Board so that I could reach more people in the membership and have the opportunity to interact with people from across the region. In my free time I like playing sports, watching movies, and trying new restaurants. Looking forward to a great year.

Adams Ahmadu

Position: Vice-Chair

School: South Dakota of Mines and Technology

As I learned more and more about the organization, I was impressed of how efficiently it was able to operate on a regional and national level. From then on, I knew I wanted to take part in fostering NSBE by promoting the mission statement of the society.  As your Vice Chair, I want to promote the growth of new chapters, strengthen the current chapters, and revive the inactive ones to create a better NSBE. 

Roye Moye III

Position: Chair Emeritus

School: Wichita State University

 am deeply passionate about leading others, learning from others and helping others grow. I am also passionate about NSBE and I want to see our organization move forward in such a powerful way that we will be able to change the face of engineering and help influence the next generation of Black students. This year I will be serving as Chair Emeritus and I am looking forward to advising our chair as well as our regional board. I am excited to see the strategic growth that our region will experience this year.  HOW DEEP????!!!!!! FIVE DEEP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rashad Cartwright

Position: Telecommunications Chair

School:Texas Southern University

What inspired me join the REB was based on viewing how outgoing members were able to develop amazing conference/conventions to facilitate hundreds of students within our society. I witnessed first-hand how easily opportunities were being thrown out. It is said that the easier something becomes the harder the fundamentals to get to that point were. It makes you think that with every opportunity given to a student, a great deal of time went into generating such an opportunity. 

Joshua Verret

Position: Texas Zone Assistant Vice-Chair

School: Texas Southern University

 I have been an active member of NSBE for 3 years and was inspired to serve on the REB to give back into the society that has greatly benefited my academic and professional career. It is my goal to inspire other students to take advantage of the opportunities NSBE has to offer and to continue the work we do to impact our community. 

Mckenzie Brown

Position: Parliamentarian

School: Louisiana State University

I joined NSBE and the REB because being on a PWI campus it was a way for me to bond with other Intelligent black engineers, helping me develop a new outlook on my undergraduate experience. NSBE has given me the support system to excel academically while being able to positively impact my community.

Catelyn Evans

Position: Oklahoma Zone Assistant Vice-Chair

School: University of Nebraska-Lincoln

I was inspired to join the regional executive board because I wanted to be a resource to chapters in the Oklahoma zone. This year I am going to make sure chapters have the necessary materials they need to be successful. My goals are aligned with the national directives that deals with academic and technical success. I am excited to serve you all!

Jonathan Meekins

Position: Public Relations/Publications Chair

School: Prairie View A&M University

 I aspired to join the REB to be able to inspire vast amounts of engineering students of the wonders that our society provides. To insure a better, more transparent, and more sustainable wave of communication towards the general membership.

Kendrick Howard

Position: Programs Chair

School: University of Louisiana at Lafayette

I love NSBE because it really helps me to make great friendships and also helps out the African American community. I joined the REB because I really love this organization and want to help bring it to a greater level.

Ndidiamaka Nduka

Position: Business Diversity Chair

School: Texas Tech University

 was first exposed to NSBE during my early years in College. My first annual gathering was the 40th National Convention hosted in Nashville TN. Not only did I love what I heard and what I saw, but I loved how I felt. I felt as if I had established a family away from home. I found a union of individuals who resembled me physically, academically and culturally and was overall empowered. Prior to convention, I served as an observant member, but it was not long before I was sold and encouraged to become committed. They say “…a great product/service sells itself” and NSBE did just that. I love NSBE because NSBE loves its community. NSBE cultivates its members and leaders of all generations from the inside out to serve, learn, lead, perform and to be great. I continued my service because the organization has truly enabled me to do things I probably would not have had the opportunity to do without it. People and experiences have and continue to inspire my goal; to lead by giving what I get, and teaching what I learn.

Faith Mcgee

Position: Regional Leadership Conference Chair

School: Prairie View A&M University

With 2,000 community service hours and a love for NSBE, I knew that I wanted to help fellow members as much as this organization has helped me.

Ayobami Shoyimka

Position: Treasurer

School: Prairie View A&M University

NSBE was the first organization that Ayobami was introduced to in college. Through NSBE Ayobami has secured life-long friends, obtained internships, and developed as a leader. Ayobami feels like he owes NSBE a lot and he wants to return the favor by making sure that NSBE’s rich history of creating engineers that excel academically, succeed professional, and positively impact the community. Ayobami is extremely excited to work with his family. He is an advocate for advancement and wants everyone to keep in mind that “what gets us first place today will get us second place tomorrow”.

Michelle Mitchell

Position: Pre-College Initiative Chair

School: Texas A&M University

I decided to serve as the Region V PCI chair because as a child I knew I had potential to pursue a career in STEM, however, I was not in an area where programs were available that could provide me with resources and opportunities to prepare me for this goal. As PCI chair I can develop and provide programs to give the younger generation what I could not have. I believe it is our duty as leaders of the black community to give back, and not dwell on what could have been but rather pursue what can be! 

Courtney Towles

Position: Missouri Zone Assistant Vice-Chair

School: Iowa State University

I've always looked up to the REB, but I was inspired to join the REB after being chapter president and having constant contact with the REB and seeing how hard they work to help chapters succeed, put on conferences, etc. I wanted to be able to have a larger impact within NSBE and be a resource not only for my chapter, but for the region. Some goals I have for the academic year are to help struggling chapters, encourage communication and relationships between chapters in my zone, and to increase membership and retention.

Alexandria Proffet

Position: Cajun Zone Assistant Vice-Chair

School: Louisiana Tech University

I was inspired by many previous leaders in NSBE to join the Regional Executive Board. I wanted to play an active part on a higher level of increasing membership in NSBE. I observed many great leaders before me, and I feel that I have what it takes to continue in the path that they have created. My passion for the National Society of Black Engineers runs very deep and I hope that can inspire future students to be a part of an incredible organization that does a marvelous job of creating future successful leaders. 

Christian G. Miller

Position: Chair

School: Iowa State University

Growing up, I did not have many good influences in my life. I attended the National Convention in St. Louis when I was in high school and my life was changed. Seeing so many educated black people walking a common walk inspired me to follow in their footsteps. The unity of black people on a positive and impacting mission is why I love NSBE. I joined the REB because I wanted to help the chapters within our region to supply that same experience to youth and other students.

 Feeling inspired? Consider applying for an REB position for next year!