The NSBE Marketplace features the goods and services of companies across the country. African art, jewelry, clothing, and oils for house & body; costume jewelry and accessories; licensed NSBE Items (ex: NSBE clothing, engineering-themed T-shirts, dog tags, lapel pins, luggage tags, lanyards, graduation stoles); paintings and sculptures; and men and women’s business professional attire and accessories (suits, cotton shirts, silk neck ties, ladies handbags, hosiery) are examples of products that were available for purchase at the NSBE Marketplaces at past conventions and conferences. In addition, NSBE Chapters are encouraged to register as licensed vendors and partner with companies to sell goods (such as NSBE hoodies, sweaters, jackets, etc.) as a fund raiser for their chapter. Furthermore, NSBEpreneurs are invited to showcase their inventions and network with the NSBE membership to expand their business connections.

Elevator Pitch CompetitionIMG_3776.jpg

The Elevator Pitch is your business overview that you should be able to deliver powerfully and concisely to any investor who happens to ride the same elevator as you. The first impression is critical in capturing the attention of a potential investor or customer.

The elevator pitch should provide enough information to peak the interest of potential investors and strategic partners. It should provide a clear picture of the company and its solution. It should be delivered effectively and succinctly.



All Teams will compete in the Elevator Pitch Competition. Each team will be given a maximum of 60 seconds to present its elevator pitch to the panel of judges. Index cards or other notes will not be permitted for the Elevator Pitch Competition, as you would not expect to have the benefit of these in real life situation. This presentation will be given by one team member. The 60 second Elevator Pitch will be uninterrupted. There will be no Q&A period. Teams will be judged on their oral presentation alone.

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Please follow this link to be directed to the sign up form for the Region V Elavator Pitch Competition.


IMG_4063.jpgNSBE Debaters

NSBE Debaters encourages members to exercise critical thinking and speaking skills, which are critical to the engineering field. The task is to analze and make valid points regarding important issues that impact society. We were proud to host our first NSBE Debaters competition at our Fall Regional Conference 2016.