Greetings From Your Region VI 2015-2016 Chair, Alexander Blake

WELCOME to the SIXIEST place in the Society, Region VI!

My name is Alexander Pierce Blake, and I am honored to serve as your 2016-2017 Region VI Chairperson.

Throughout my time in NSBE, I have always been drawn to our history. The history that Region VI started chanting, and has pioneered successful programs that have been implemented across the Society like One NSBE. However, we need to get back to our roots to understand how we can live the mission by "increasing the number" and "Keeping It SIXY".

The Homecoming is our opportunity to get back to what made us great, by being energetic, accountable, and putting our Membership First! Being energetic means that we are loud at our conferences and are proud to be in Region VI because we know that we come from greatness! Being accountable means that you realize that YOU have a duty to increase the number regardless of your role. Putting our Membership First means you recognize that you are a SIXY Servant Leader, and that everything we do should work focus on making a "positive impact in our community."  


Region VI let's Make the SIX House Our Home Again!
Alexander Pierce Blake