Friday Activities Description
Fun and Games Arrive a bit early? Don't sweat it! Play games, have fun, and meet NSBE Fam to pass some time before Opening Session.
Chapter Leader Headshots Is your LinkedIn profile picture not showing your SIXY swag? Then make sure you stop by our Regional Communication Zone to have a professional headshot taken for all networking needs.
Community Resume Review and Professional Clothing Drive In an effort to support our TORCH initiatives, regional leadership will be hosting a community resume review and clothing drive to reboot the San Diego community for all upcoming professional events. Come by the one-stop-shop for professional readiness!
Recruiter Mixer and Industry Social Join us for a Food and Tech Mixer + Expert Panel with NSBE Professionals! This very special evening will give you the opportunity to properly build a great foundation for your professional career. Get your questions answered and gain key insight from hiring mangers, recruiters, and engineers in industry (Northrop Grumman, Qualcomm, United Technologies Corporation, San Diego Gas & Electric and many more!) on how to showcase your NSBE leadership skills and experiences. Don't miss this opportunity to make connections and build your network while enjoying the company of your future business leads.
Module III: Let's Get InFormation Description
Leveraging NSBE Resources MyNSBE & NSBE Connect, Special Interest Groups, NSBE Career Guide, so many opportunities, so little time!! Join this workshop to gain insight on receiving the hidden benefits and secret advantages of NSBE membership and online resources. Don't sleep on NSBE miracles, join in!
Working with University Administration This workshop emphasizes the relationship between NSBE, University Administration, and the College of Engineering. Although challeges may arise, keeping your chapter as a priority for university stakeholders is a significant aspect to keep in mind. Here you will be well-equiped to handle those challenges and prevent them in the future.
"SLAAAY": Let's Talk A's "The idea of this workshop is to emphasize the multitude of factors that contribute to one’s ability to excel academically being that it is not simply composed of studying.
Conflict Resolution: Bad Blood on the Board The purpose of this workshop is to ensure that leaders are trained to resolve executive board disagreements. Conflict resolution is not only necessary in NSBE, but in all realms of life. This session will certainly improve your critical thinking and communication skills.
Module IV: Self-Branding Description
Living the Mission Do you live the NSBE mission, outside of NSBE events? As NSBE members, we have to hold ourselves accountable. What we do in our every day life can either help or hurt NSBE's reputation. With national events occurring that affect our personal lives, it is important to understand how to navigate that process without alientating companies and chapter/universiity stakeholders. How do you plan to improve upon your campus climate?
Enhancing Your NSBE Profile Having trouble utilizing networking tools? This is workshop is for you. Companies are modernizing their recruitment efforts and quality, online networking profiles are more important than ever. This is an all-inclusive branding workshop covering effective use of LinkedIn, employer networking, and articulating NSBE skills for the workplace. Let NSBE upgrade you.
Gradution: Industry or Academia  
How to Be Everyone's Favorite Team Member Yes, teamwork makes the dream work. It also makes life work. Team chemistry is crucial to any group that wants to achieve a set goal. This session will encourage you to be a positive and dependable collaborator with hands-on activity and valuable insight.
Module V: Lasting Impressions Description
Looking the Part: Walk Like a Man Unlock the inner king in you. Here you will better understand the importance of attire and gentlemen behavior. Live the real GQ Life.
Looking the Part: Stunt Like a Lady Recognize the queen that you are. Here you will learn why attire and lady-like behavior is essential. We SLAY!
Company Interaction: Do's and Don'ts If you lack experience interacting with companies, this workshop is for you. Discover the hidden keys and frequent mistakes that typically occur. Communication with companies is vital, especially when trying to fundraise for your chapter or securing a job. Come gain this insight!
Closing Session Description
Safe Space: A Discussion on Police Brutality A moderated discussion between City Police, Campus Police, and NSBE Collegiate leaders to identify ways to improve police relations throughout the region. This will serve as an opportunity to gain insight on how to instill trust within policing institutions, combat biases when interfacing with police entities, learn ways to facilitate similar discussions at local campuses to foster better campus climates, and gain diverse perspectives concerning recent cases of police brutality and the normalized tragedies being faced everyday by African Americans around the nation.