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The SEEK Program is designed to be a fun and engaging educational experience, led by NSBE engineering students and technical professionals dedicated to pursuing professional excellence and giving back to the community. SEEK’s strategy is to cultivate enthusiasm and inspire youth to learn more about STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, & Mathematics) with the intent that some will pursue careers in the STEM field. Educators, organizations such as SEEK, and policy makers work diligently to build the STEM pipeline in our country. However, the first educator and influence on a child are his or her parents. We want to not only utilize the support of our parents during the program but to inspire the kids throughout the year.

Parent involvement is essential for SEEK to provide the best possible program. With the goal of improving SEEK nationally; we look to formalize a parent committee in EVERY SEEK city to support the efforts of the WHQ staff and our Mentors. The parent committee provides ideas on ways NSBE can expand or improve the SEEK program, as well as volunteer at your local SEEK program.

Parent Committee Officer Positions and Roles:

President - Work directly with the ERC in developing strategy for the parent committee and work with the other members of the parent committee to execute the directive s given by world headquarters and develop its own goals for the benefit of the SEEK Program. They are the primary spokesperson and contact person for the committee.

Vice President - To support the President in executing directives and goals as needed and is the secondary person of contact and spokesperson.

Treasurer - The primary roles of the treasurer are to collect dues and donations, keep an accurate account of monies collected and report the information to Parent Committee President and WHQ SEEK Team.

Parent Committee Support Positions and Roles:

Members - Provide assistance to the Site Leadership and Parent Committee officers by fulfilling the overall objectives of the Parent Committee.

Parent Committee Objectives

There are numerous tasks that our Site leadership must address and our parent committee will support them when needed.
• Assist the Site Leaders as needed.
• Provide snacks for the kids.
• Assisting with competitions.
• Hold a Mentor Appreciation Event.
• Fundraising
• Community Outreach throughout the year.
• Career Fair, Resume Review & Career Development for the mentors

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