Available Parent Committee Positions

Available Parent Committee Positions


Lead the organization. Solicit counsel from other team members to set the overall direction of the team. Interact with NSBE leadership to obtain any information that needs to shared with the team.

Vice President

The VP will augment and support the president's vision by executing tasks that accomplish the organization's goals.


The Secretary will maintain a database of active SEEK parent volunteers. She will also schedule SEEK parent meetings and keep/disseminate the resultant meeting minutes.

Communications Committee

Committee members will serve as the “information funnel” for the SEEK parent organization. They will send emails, letters, and other necessary correspondence, at the request of the president. The committee is beneficial because it enables the parent organization to uniformly speak with one voice.

Outreach Committee

Committee members will lead sponsorship efforts by reaching out into the community to solicit help from local and national businesses. They will work with parents to ascertain where the parents work, in order to create a database of resources from which we may able to obtain donations. The committee is designed to enable parents to advocate on behalf of the camp in order to secure necessary resources.

Mentor Appreciation Committee

Committee members will find novel ways in which to demonstrate our support and appreciation of all the work the NSBE mentors are performing on behalf of our kids. The team will coordinate mentor lunches, breakfasts, and other perks. It may also entail having parents mentoring the mentors. For example, they can discuss which IT careers they (parents) are in, with the hope that perhaps they can provide an inroads to corporate America for the mentors with similar interests. For example, one parent may be a civil engineer for a private company. They can then give insight, job contacts, and details about their career path to those NSBE mentors who are pursuing civil engineering.

Events Committee

Committee members will coordinate two “kids outings” per year for the SEEK kids to participate in. The goal is to build camaraderie and strong bonds between the SEEK kids so that they are constantly surrounded by other children with similar interests. Doing so will create an “espirit de corps” amongst other motivated students, which will only strengthen as the children mature. Event examples may be having parents meet at the Smithsonian Air and Space museum together to tour the museum, have lunch, and talk about the interesting STEM items they have learned.

Focus Group/Survey

Committee Members will conduct surveys amongst parents to ascertain resources that can augment/support the NSBE mission. They will work with NSBE staff to find and engage people who are willing to participate in the official NSBE SEEK focus group.


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