Making Collegiate Initiative a Priority

By Bianca Brown, National Alumni College Initiative Chairperson

The NSBE Professional Collegiate Initiative Program is an initiative in which NSBE Professional members host programs, workshops and activities to increase the interaction between our NSBE Professionals and collegiate members. The purpose is to foster mentor relationships, plus encourage students to be active NSBE Professional members upon graduation.  We encourage all local NSBE Professional chapters to be strong and consistent with their CI programming. 

With NSBE’s 2012 Annual Convention around the corner, this is a great opportunity to engage with our collegiate chapters to help prepare them for the important Convention activities such as the Career Fair, Networking/Hospitality Suites and various workshops. For instance, some NSBE Professional chapters have hosted workshops during NSBE student chapter meetings leading up to Convention on topics such as how students should approach recruiters,  appropriate Convention attire, effective communication, networking and resume critiques. With many NSBE Professional members serving as recruiters during the Convention, what better way to equip our students with the tools they need for a successful Convention experience!

To get connected, research the NSBE college chapters in your local area. Although many NSBE Professional chapters have already made connections with their collegiate counterparts, there may be instances where there has not been any interaction. Should this be the case, I suggest an introduction email should be sent from the NSBE Professional Liaison or Chair to the President or Executive Board member of the NSBE student chapter. The NSBE Professional chapter members should then begin developing a consistent relationship with their undergraduate constituents. This can be done by frequent emails, phone calls, chapter meeting visits and overall face-time through program attendance.  We suggest that the NSBE Professional chapter makes the first contact to the students.

NSBE Professional Chapters are encouraged to be creative in their approach. It is important for NSBE Professional members to be able to engage their collegiate counterparts and spark an interest in collegiate initiative programming. Some chapters may want to make a big initiative or some may want to hold something smaller and more intimate. The key is to assess the needs of your collegiate chapters to see what would be most beneficial for all involved. Sample activities include but are not limited to: Inviting collegiate chapter members to NSBE Professional meetings and/or program, NSBE Professional members host workshops for students on varying topics: professional development, career development panel, “Dress for Success”, resume writing and critiquing, “Life after College” workshop, Life as an NSBE Professional, Work/Life balance, and many others.  Even if you are not affiliated with a chapter, we encourage our members to offer their services and advice to student chapters. 

There is a NSBE Professional College Initiative Toolkit available for your reference on the NSBE Professional website: http://www.nsbe-ae.org/. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions that you may have: Bianca Brown, 2011-2012 National College Initiative Chair. Email: ci@nsbe-ae.org

Similarly, do not miss your opportunity to win $1000 for your chapter by submitting for the National College Initiative Program of the Year Award. The application is available now on IMPAK!

Thank you so much and Happy Programming!

Take care,

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