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The 7 “C’s” of Leadership

by Darnell Fisher National AE Chair-Elect

Hi NSBE Family!

I am excited and very honored to serve as your Alumni Extension Chair-Elect this year. Your Alumni Executive Board (AEB) is full of experienced Technical Professionals that is working very hard to add value to your NSBE membership. One of our most decorated members in NSBE is U.S. Navy Vice
Admiral (Retired) Melvin G. Williams, Jr. Admiral Williams now serves as the Associate Deputy Secretary of the Department of Energy. He is also on the National AEB in the role as National Special Projects Chair. I recently had the privilege of interviewing the Admiral on his career and perspective on minorities in STEM industries. Look for the article coming soon in our national publications.

Admiral Williams has a vast knowledge in the areas of leadership and management. Below are the 7 C’s of Leadership that he shared with the AEB during an AEB workshop at the Alumni Summit in Florida this past May. Check them out!

Leadership is the art and science of achieving desired effectiveness by making decisions, developing people, creating teamwork, serving needs, and inspiring action to realize the leader’s vision.

Character: Character is the most important Leadership C, it is the core of the leader, and is essential to the end, ways, and means of realizing the leader’s vision.
Key aspects – integrity, determination, positive attitude, humility, servant leader

Competence: Leadership involves having competence in achieving desired effectiveness.
Key aspects – progress, performance, judgment, continual improvement.

Courage: Leadership involves courage in making decisions.
Key aspects – accountability, decisiveness, initiative, selflessness.

Commitment: Leadership involves a commitment to developing people.
Key aspects – service, goals, teamwork, excellence.

Caring: Leadership involves caring towards serving needs.
Key aspects – self, faith, family, people.

Communicating: Leadership involves communicating towards inspiring action.
Key aspects – listening, transmitting, achieving, understanding, inspiring.

Community: Leadership involves regard for community when creating teamwork.
Key aspects – diversity, mentoring, assimilating, youth.

Let’s strive to keep these in mind when on the job, working with your NSBE location chapters, and impacting your communitis.

Until next time,
Darnell Fisher
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