Corporate Corner

NSBE National Leadership Conference: Where Leaders Learn to Lead...

The NSBE National Leadership Conference (NLC) serves as the first “meeting of the minds” of our newly elected national and regional officers.

The NLC gives your organization the opportunity to impact current and future leaders of STEM industries and academia, teaching them vital leadership skills gleaned from your corporate journey.

This is not your typical conference. At the NLC, NSBE’s incoming officers learn what it means to lead themselves, lead others and lead the Society. The NLC is comprised of hands-on training and workshops designed to hone leadership skills and provide the foundation for success, today and in the future.

This is a unique opportunity to brand your company in the minds of the very people who will influence the entire NSBE membership.

For more information or to discuss how we can partner with your organization, please contact us at (703) 549-2207. Thank you.

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