"One NSBE"

By Maurice Patterson, National NSBE Professionals Chair

Greetings, NSBE Professionals.

Our theme for the year is “One NSBE”. With an organization of over 16k members and various levels, it can sometimes become easy to lose track of why we do the things we do. As underrepresented STEM professionals, leaders, volunteers, etc. we must stay unified in our mission to increase the number of culturally responsible Black engineers who excel academically, succeed professionally and positively impact the community. As NSBE works towards NSBE 2025, we will need each other more than ever to move the needle in our society as it relates to diversity in engineering.

In order to move the needle, we need to be focused on making impacts, big and small. The establishment of the Edward E. Barnette Professional Impact Scholarship to benefit pre-college, collegiate and professional members is a prime example of making an impact.  Our impact must go beyond what we accomplish at a National level, it must extend to the Regional and Chapter levels as well. The only way our chapters will succeed is if we provide them with the resources to succeed and this will be a main focus of this year. All of this leads into the focus areas for the year which are 1) Membership Engagement and 2) Membership Value.

Through membership engagement we have shown that together we can tackle any problem. Engagement from the National and Regional levels allows us to meet our chapters and members where they are and work to enhance their experiences. By affecting one, we allow them to affect others and create a ripple effect that is a force to be reckoned with.

The value of being a NSBE Professionals is unmatched.  As we continue to expand our membership base, we must ensure we are constantly showcasing the value of our Chapters, Special Interest Groups, the Professional Development Conference, the Technical Professionals Conference at Annual Convention, networking opportunities, enhanced programmatic offerings, leadership development, partnerships with other organizations, etc.

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Maurice Patterson