NSBE's Mission Statement

To increase the number of culturally responsible Black Engineers who excel academically, succeed professionally and positively impact the community.

Value Proposition Statement

NSBE Professionals are the global brain trust of Black Engineers who provide top tier talent, inspire the next generation of technical professionals, and serve as a catalyst for transforming the culture of engineering.

We envision NSBE Professionals as a place where

  • Graduating Seniors ...

    • Look forward to becoming a Professional Member
    • Make it a first step in thier transition to becoming a Professional
    • Receive support, guidance, and mentoring to prepare them for their next stage in their life
    • Feel secure in knowning they are still part of the NSBE family

  • Young Professionals ...

    • Can get training, certification and guidance in growing their STEM career
    • Have a place to receive mentoring and support to succeed personally and professionally
    • Have a place where they see others like themselves and feel part of the NSBE family
    • Make an impact in their community

  • Experienced Professionals ...

    • Feel part of the NSBE family
    • Give back and make an impact in the community
    • Are appreciated for living the mission
    • Are recognized for their accomplishments

  • NSBE ...

    • Can partner with successful professionals in growing the society and impact 2025 goals
    • Can partner and collaborate with successful professionals who fulfill the mission
    • Can partner and collaborate with professionals to positively impact the community