Member on The Move

The Young Technical Professional (YTP) Committee would like to recognize outstanding YTP members (0 to 5 years career professional) as a ‘Member on the Move’ which will include a monthly highlighted in the eNews. In order to be considered for this spotlight the nominated member should have made significant contributions to the NSBE Professionals and/or NSBE in the areas of program participation, membership recruitment, retention and leadership. (It is expected that the dedication of this member has had an impact on their chapter, community and/or region.) In addition, the YTP member should be primed to make a technical impact at their place of employment. A YTP member can be self-nominated or nominated by a fellow NSBE Professional.

To be showcased in the next edition of ‘Member on the Move’, please submit the following form and all required supplemental documents to Attn:  Member on the Move Application to  Nominees are required to be a nationally paid NSBE Professionals member.

Be sure to submit a complete application, don’t forget:

  • Short biography (1-2 paragraphs)
  • Headshot (300 dpi) (Include full name as seen on the application form)


Coming Soon...

The Young Technical Professional Committee would like to reestablish the “Ask A Technical Professional” initiative. “Ask A Technical Professional” allows YTP members to ask relevant questions in order to seek advice, suggestions, and learn career advancing tips from more experienced technical professionals. It is an opportunity to gain career guidance from those who are living the success that many YTP members are aspiring to achieve. The Young Technical Professional Committee is looking to host the “Ask A Technical Professional” initiative via podcasts while elaborating on the more popular topics through professional development webinars. Also, as additional social media outlets are explored to better connect YTP members, be on the lookout for more opportunities to network through YTP pages on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Currently, you can locate us on Facebook 


The YTP Committee is committed to your success. Suggestions can be forwarded to: