Welcome to Premier Partnering!

The NSBE Professionals are the technical experts –engineers, scientists, educators, technologists and business executives– working across the top global industries.  We are providing solutions to some of the most challenging and far reaching issues in the areas of science, technology, energy, defense, aerospace, chemicals, electronics, biomedical, consumer goods, food & beverage, consulting and more!  Our diverse group of more than 7,000 talented professionals includes entry level, individual contributors, mid-level managers, division leads, and corporate executives.  

We look forward to establishing mutually beneficial partnerships with corporations and organizations that are interested in getting:  

  • Direct access to engage with top technical professionals
  • Up-close & personal networking at key events
  • Key branding opportunities

Kameelah S. Majied, PMP

National Professionals’ Finance Chairperson, 2013 - 2014

National Society of Black Engineers

For more information contact us at: pebfinance@nsbe.org