Professional Development Conference (PDC)

It was great turnout and experience for all attendees this year in Charlotte. See photo of Region V PEB.

43rd Annual Convention
"Engineering Your Foundation"
Kansas City, MO
March 29 - April 2, 2017
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This year Region V is asking for professionals to support, learn, and add value at the upcoming Fall Regional Conference (FRC) in Houston. If you would to learn more and register, click here.

Why Join NBSE Professionals?


Chapter Highlights

Each month, a chapter will be showcased on the regional website of their great works. For the month of October, we are highlighting NSBE Professionals Chapter, Lockheed Martin. Check them out here.
NSBE Professionals Awards will be presented at the Annual Convention. Nominate members within your chapter...


We are excited to welcome you to the Region V NSBE Professionals website. Anthony Murphy, our Professional Chairperson, and his Executive Board are dedicated to our regional communities, by demonstrating leadership in service to support NSBE’s mission. We appreciate your relentless efforts to endorse this mission.  

Please take the time to view our Executive Board bios, you can also check us out on Facebook and follow us on Twitter

The Chair's Corner

We Need You and Your Help
There has never been a time when you and your presence have been more critical.  The National Society of Black Engineers and it's mission to increase the number of black engineering graduates is in desperate need of your support.  NSBE will forge ahead, we will continue to work and move strategically but without you, we are moving without some of the most talented and skillful engineers that we have known in the past.  We ask you to recommit, lend us whatever time and resources you can spare so that we, the National Society of Black Engineers can so that we can achieve our goal of 10,000 black graduating seniors by 2025.

Will you join us?!