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Hello Region V NSBE Professional Family,
My name is Mikala Windham and I am happy to introduce myself as your Region V Professionals Chairperson for the 2017-2018 year! I am excited to see what God is going to help us accomplish in this NSBE year.
Below you will see some graphics with our goals that we are excited to strive for this year and we need  your help! This year WE are focusing on growing as a family with our motto: “A Family for the Family.”  We are targeting CRITICAL MASS in our region in order to engineer a new solid state for our region. This  means we are working to reach numbers we have never reached and achieve goals we have never seen.  I am excited because this is our time to stand and rise again to greater heights as the Vanguard Region.  We will make the presence of the National Society of Black Engineers felt throughout our cities!  We have a great and passionate board in place to support the work of your chapters and members.
Together, with God’s help, we can exceed these goals! Please do not hesitate to contact me or any of the Region V Professionals’ board members.
Thank you and be blessed,
Mikala Windham, LSC, MBA, Lifetime Member #66
2017-2018 Region V Professionals Chair


 The National Society of Black Engineers is striving to achieve our goal of 10,000 black graduating seniors by 2025!

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