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Here in NSBE we are focused on helping our members fulfill their mission to succeed professionally. We help them achieve their goals by providing multiple avenues to help them grow their career. Over the course of the year, our members are provided the following opportunities:

  • Opportunity to receive ongoing career development training
  • Opportunity to make significant career moves by connecting with those in positions of influence
  • Opportunity to grow their professional network
  • Opportunity to positively impact their community

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NSBE relies on its chapters to deliver on its mission and goals year-round. As leaders of the organization, it is the PEB's imperative to make sure that our chapters are set up to maximize their effectiveness in advancing the mission and objectives of the society.

Strong, effective, and engaged chapters are force multipliers for engagement of NSBE Professional members up and down the leadership pipeline. Our resources aim to disseminate information to members and provide a venue for collecting data from our chapters.

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The NSBE Professionals are the technical experts (engineers, scientists, educators, technologists and business executive) working across the top global industries. We are providing solutions to some of the most challenging and far reaching issues in the areas of science, technology, energy, defense, aerospace, chemicals, electronics, biomedical, consumer goods, food & beverage, consulting and more! Our diverse group of more than 7,000 talented professionals includes entry level, individual contributors, mid-level managers, division leads, and corporate executives.

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  • National Leadership Conference (NLC)
    June 14, 2018 National Leadership Conference (NLC)

    NSBE prepares to connect, collaborate and cultivate at the NLC conference at the University of Maryland from June 20-24. Learn more here.

  • Let
    May 16, 2018 Let's Improve Diversity in Engineering Programs

    Join NSBE for a symposium on June 22−24 to address strategies to retain more underrepresented minorities in engineering bachelor's degree programs. Details.

  • 2018 Aerospace Systems Conference
    May 14, 2018 2018 Aerospace Systems Conference

    Held in even-numbered years since 2010, NSBE-ASC is a scientific and technical conference bringing together many of the nation’s top experts in aeronautics and astronautics disciplines.