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What can metrics do for NSBE? What can metrics do for NSBE?

Help NSBE get data and metrics to sort and arrange and visually represent to impact the mission!!!

What can metrics do for NSBE?

–Help inform us about the current state of the society
–Help drive the strategy and direction of the organization
–Help make organizational decisions

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2013 - 2014 National Directives

Academic ExcellenceAcademic Excellence is the area towards which we will dedicate a majority of our efforts in order to truly address the issues that are facing our students.

This year we will continue to work to increase academic performance and engineering retention rates of NSBE members. In addition we will enhance the educational skill-set of NSBE members through experiential learning opportunities and innovation.

Development of NSBE ProfessionalsThis means that we need to ensure that our Professionals have the tools and resources that they need to succeed and move forward after walking across the stage.

We will be focusing on NSBE becoming the premier technical and professional organization of choice. In this endeavor we will be working to retain NSBE alum and recruit graduating seniors to become Professional members.

Sossena Wood
NSBE National Chairperson