National Advisory Board

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What can metrics do for NSBE? What can metrics do for NSBE?

Help NSBE get data and metrics to sort and arrange and visually represent to impact the mission!!!

What can metrics do for NSBE?

–Help inform us about the current state of the society
–Help drive the strategy and direction of the organization
–Help make organizational decisions

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National Advisory Board

Administrative Zone

National Advisory Board Chair
Tony Harris
Administrative Zone Advisor
Calvin Young

Membership Zone

National Advisory Board Vice Chair
Membership Zone Advisor
Membership Zone Advisor
S. Gordon Moore Jr.


Programs Zone

Programs Zone Advisor
Gary S. May, Ph.D.
National Convention and
Pre-College Advisor

Marion W. Blalock
Academic Excellence Advisor
Augustine Esogbue, Ph.D.
Programs Zone Advisor
Dr. Stephanie G. Adams


Finance Zone

Finance Zone Advisor
Cheryl L. Adams
Finance Zone Advisor
Steve Jarrett


Communications Zone

National Advisory Board Secretary
Reginald K. Ewing
Communications Zone Advisor
Regenia R. Saunders