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    Apply for Success

    Why are African Americans underrepresented in engineering? Many say a lack of role models in the field for black K–12 students and a lack of early exposure to STEM for our kids are two of the main reasons. Looking back at my life, and the success I’ve had as an electrical engineering student at the University of Houston, I see a lot of truth in those ideas.

  • Get a GRIP! A Message to Incoming College Freshmen

    You made it! You worked hard, got admitted to college and graduated from high school. And your family, NSBE Jr. advisors and peers, teachers and community are applauding you! I am, too!

    But now what?

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    Women in the Workplace: Challenges and Opportunities

    Since complaints alleging deplorable behavior by Harvey Weinstein surfaced late last year, hardly a week goes by without one or more new sexual harassment allegations being made by women against men with whom they’ve worked or, most tragically, for whom they’ve worked. The #MeToo movement that has burgeoned in the wake of these revelations has empowered women (and men) to speak truth to power, challenge the status quo and demand an inclusive workplace that ensures opportunities for success for women on equal grounds with their male peers and supervisors.

  • Want to Boost Your Salary by $10,000? Ask for More.

    “…Black candidates asked for $112,800, the lowest ask of any racial group included in the study.”

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    Change Your Attitude! Embrace Effort

    Change Your Attitude! Embrace Effort

  • Support Our Members in Need

    The difference between success and failure is the internal resolve to overcome obstacles in the pursuit of excellence. Many engineers, including me, dealt with adversity during their academic and professional journey. 

  • Progressing Toward 2025: More Black Engineers Graduate

    Why have we focused on 10K? There has been an ongoing debate about this country’s ability to fill science and engineering jobs with qualified candidates. One obvious solution is to increase the talent pool by graduating more scientists and engineers2. At 13.3 percent of the total population3 and only 4.0 percent of engineering degree holders, African Americans are vastly underrepresented in this field, one that has high earning potential and makes a significant economic impact.

  • Get an Edge with a PMP

    According to TechRepublic, a PMP certification “helps establish the person as a credible leader” and shows an investment in career planning1.  

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    Is the Black Engineering Crisis a Woman Problem?

    NSBE 2025 and the Engineering Crisis Among Blacks

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    STEM and Social Justice: Applying an Engineering Lens to Social Change Part 2 of 2

    The people who are closest to the problems are most aware of what the solutions are and should be.