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    STEM and Social Justice: Applying an Engineering Lens to Social Change Part 2 of 2

    The people who are closest to the problems are most aware of what the solutions are and should be.

  • Why Engineering? College Majors and Earnings for African Americans

    Workforce shows that African Americans tend to be concentrated in the lowest-paying majors.

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    STEM and Social Justice: Applying an Engineering Lens to Social Change

    Social justice is the pursuit of a world in which all people have the opportunity to live decently and free of harm. It is born of the collective understanding that injustice and inequality are endemic to the systems and structures that make up our society.

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    Using Water Filters Effectively

    Join NSBE's Environmental Engineering Special Interest Group to continue the dialogue about Flint’s water crisis.

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    Want to Graduate? Join NSBE

    Why does NSBE work? In this paper, the authors assert that NSBE provides a holistic social space for members to engage in quality relationships, participate in activities and cultivate a sense of belonging.


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    Why NSBE?

    What impact do NSBE and other like organizations have on their members? A new study shows that high school students participating in career and technical student organizations (CTSOs) and activities have clearer career paths.

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    A Message from the National Chair on Injustice

    As you know, we are living in a time in which our academic well-being, and our ability to reach our academic potential are being threatened by institutional racism and bigotry on and off of college campuses. The targeted acts at campuses such as the University of Missouri, Yale and countless others that don’t make the media, along with the events that led to the establishment of the Black Lives Matter campaign are representative of an undeniable cancer that threatens organizations like ours whose cornerstone is scholastic achievement. However, these acts are also a great call to action that we must do more to demonstrate the cultural responsibility that we attest to each time we recite our mission statement.

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    Break the Stereotype!

    When San Francisco Bay area engineer Isis Anchalee agreed to have her photo taken for her employer’s recruitment campaign, she wasn’t prepared for the sexist responses it received, many of them from male engineers.

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    Why NSBE Matters: How NSBE Supports 21st Century Engineering Traits

    As executive director and former national chair of NSBE, I’ve often asked myself what effect our Society has on what really matters: filling the growing talent gap our global economy needs to address the technical, social and political challenges of the 21st century.

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    Why Diversity Matters: Reflections from the Engineering Dean’s Institute

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    In my higher education experience, I found that many faculty lack an appreciation for the merits of diversity. Several faculty I interviewed while I worked on campus echoed a prevailing belief among a handful of their most vocal colleagues that diversity was the antithesis to quality.