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  • Academic Pyramid of Excellence FRC Opportunity

    Maintaining and raising these high expectations are my main goals as National Chair. That’s why I am pleased to announce that NSBE is offering FREE registration to all collegiate Academic Pyramid of Excellence (APEx) members for all Fall Regional Conferences this year!

  • Read, and Enjoy Your Summer

    Being NSBE National Chairperson is a great endeavor, and I find that as with every journey, it’s best enjoyed with a good book. I recently started reading “The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin.” I wanted to know how a man of such great persuasion came to be. I found it interesting that he, like most of us, took a route not very conventional at all. 

  • From 'Cal' to 'Chairman'

    "It was only a number of years ago that I was considering dropping out of college because of poor grades. Sometimes I think back. What if I never joined NSBE? What if I didn’t have mentors to push me? What if I gave up? It’s simple; I wouldn’t be where I am today. I wouldn’t be a college graduate nearing the completion of my second degree. I wouldn’t be in the Operations Leadership Program at UTC. I wouldn’t be National Chair of the National Society of Black Engineers. I wouldn’t be the “Cal” that members are now proud to call “Chairman”. "