What is NLC?

The National Leadership Conference (NLC) is a time that brings both national and regional leaders to further their professional development and share innovate ideas. During this conference, leaders will discuss their plans for their time in the office. These meetings will cover tactics on how to effectively communicate and various leadership patterns. At the end of NLC, regional leaders will be prepared to train their chapter leaders at the Regional Leadership Conference (RLC)

Why is it important for ME?

NLC allows attendees to gain and hone their skills as leaders, both as a NSBE member and in general. This will help you be more successful in your leadership terms, courses, and ultimately your career.

Why is it important for NSBE LEADERSHIP?

NSBE’s National Leadership Conference provides training for leaders, preparing them for their terms and how best to give members a quality and beneficial experience.

Why is it important for NSBE as a SOCIETY?

One important task at NLC is to level set the organization and guide the direction for NSBE for the following year, with our membership at the heart of our journeyS

Message from Chair and CEO 

Dear NSBE Leaders 

Welcome to the summer 2022 session! In this message, you will find vital information for your stay at CU Boulder. Please feel free to reach out to us at 303-492-5151 if you have any questions. 

Campus Accommodations 

You will be staying in Williams Village East during your time on campus. Please reference the campus map for the location.

3400 Baseline
Boulder, CO 80310 

If check-in or check-out service is needed outside of building hours (before 6:00AM or after Midnight), or for 24-hour front desk assistance, visit the below halls:

Williams Village East
3400 Baseline Road, Boulder, CO 80310
Phone: 303-492-6673 

Service Type: Linen Service 

Linen service in residence halls includes a linen package (includes one set of sheets, two towels, one washcloth), pillow, pillowcase. blanket and/or bedspread. There is no housekeeping service in individual guest rooms. Housekeeping service is provided in restrooms and public areas. Rooms are furnished with extra-long twin beds, dresser, bookcase, desk and closet. Telephones are not provided in rooms and phone jacks are not active. A microfridge (microwave, refrigerator, and freezer) is provided in each room. Telephone wake-up service is not provided. TVs are located in building lounges. All rooms are non-smoking. Alternating bed height is prohibited. Rooms are furnished with extra-long twin beds at a height of 2'11" (35") 

Meal Information 

Use your lodging & dining or guest keycard for meals. NSBE NLC dining hours areas follows: 

Center for Community Dining: 

  • Lunch -11 am - 4:30 pm 

Williams Village Center Dining (WVCC): 

  • Breakfast - 7:00 am - 8:30 am 
  • Dinner - 5:00 pm - 6:30 pm 

Campus Amenities Please click on the links below to learn more about amenities available during your stay on CU, Boulder campus: 

 Please contact conference organizer to send/receive mail or packages during your stay on campus. 

Favour Nerrise
NSBE National Chair

Event Details

Dates: June 8 –12, 2022

Check In: June 8thEvening /June 9thMorning

Location: Boulder, Colorado

Registration Fee: $30

Accommodations: Williams Village

Airport Shuttle Schedule

Travel Date
Pick-Up Location
Pick-Up Instructions
Shuttle Schedule
Airport (DEN)

Upon departing the aircraft, please follow signs along the concourse directing you to the “Main Terminal, Baggage Claim, and the Tram”.   Ride the escalator down two floors and board the tram to the “Main Terminal” which will be the last stop.

Ride the escalator up one floor. Look for the NSBE NLC greeters wearing white shirts and holding NSBE signs. The greeters will assist attendees to locate their checked luggage and accompany attendees to the bus.

If attendees encounter any problems to include flight delays, please call or text the NSBE NLC Transportation Coordinator at (303) 868-0023.  

For flight delays, please plan to catch the next shuttle.  If arriving after the 7:00 PM MT shuttle, please contact Roena Cox, 

Sr, Manager of Events & Travel at rcox@nsbe.org or (703) 851-1027.

11:00 AM (MT)
1:00 PM (MT)
3:00 PM (MT)
5:00 PM (MT)
7:00 PM (MT)
Airport (DEN)

Same as above.

For flight delays, please plan to catch the next shuttle.  If arriving after the 12:00 PM MT shuttle, please contact Roena Cox,
Sr, Manager of Events & Travel at rcox@nsbe.org or (703) 851-1027.

10:30 AM (MT)
12:00 PM (MT)


University of Colorado Boulder Williams Village East 3400 Baseline Road
Boulder, CO

Meet bus outside of WVE.  

Grace period of 10 minutes only.  Please be respectful of your fellow attendees.

3:30 (MT)
5:30 AM (MT)
7:30 AM (MT)
9:30 AM (MT)
11:30 AM (MT)

View Shuttle Schedule as PDF

National Leadership Conference Parking

Parking can be arranged on anyone’s cell phone once they arrive in the parking lot. The permits do not need to be printed. Your license plate number is your permit. Just be sure to enter your license plate correctly to avoid citation as we will not cover parking tickets.

Passes will be available beginning Monday June 6 and will last through June 12.

Weekly Lots 

Parking lot 436, near the engineering building (for commuters only)

View the Lot 436 map attached with instructions on how to “purchase” a pass. As mentioned this will be invoiced to us, so there will be no need to enter a credit card.

Lot 622 near Williams Village (for those staying at Williams Village only)

View the Lot 622 map, also with instructions, also no need to enter a credit card.

Additional instructions for the above two lots…

  • When you go to the website listed on the maps https://cuboulder.pmreserve.com, scroll down to June 6 (no matter what day you arrive) and find the NSBE conference.     
  • Click find Parking. 
  • Choose the correct lot, either Lot 436 or Lot 622 
  • Click add to cart 
  • Enter the correct promo code found on the attached maps. If you enter the promo code you will not be asked for a credit card. If you enter your credit card and not the promo code, we cannot refund you. 
  • Make sure there is only one pass in the cart. 
  • Follow the rest of the instructions, including carefully adding your license plate number.  

Two exceptions where NSBE guests are on their own for paying for parking on campus.

Friday night Networking Reception

NSBE attendees who would like to drive to the Folsom Garage for the Networking Reception on June 10 will need to pay at the machines located there. The hourly rate $2.00/hr. But there is no reason to do this as it’s an easily walk there from the engineering building and shuttles will be provided to take WV guests back to Williams Village.

Will Vill Welcome Dinner on Thursday evening/Will Vill dinner on Saturday 

If commuters who normally park at engineering want to attend these dinners at Williams Village, it makes sense for those commuters to move their cars to Will Vill.

However, in this case those commuters would need to pay an hourly rate for parking at Will Vill lot 614. There are about 30 spaces there. You can locate Lot 614 on this map if you scroll down to Williams Village. It’s on the southernmost side of the complex.

COVID-19 Protocols

The National Society of Black Engineers is committed to the health and safety of meeting and event attendees. NSBE leadership will continue to monitor all state and federal guidelines. NSBE may adjust its approach as needed to ensure a coordinated effort and a safe experience for conference attendees. Please check back frequently for any changing protocols, but there are currently no mask requirements for the National Leadership Conference. NSBE encourages all attendees who are eligible to receive the COVID-19 Booster in addition to being fully vaccinated and strongly encourages individuals to be tested for COVID 19 prior to traveling to the conference.

While Onsite, if you Receive a Positive Test Result or Develop Symptoms:

  • You will not be permitted to attend any events and must isolate immediately and follow the CDC, federal, and Boulder County public health protocols.
  • Please visit a COVID-19 testing facility if you believe you have become infected or have had close contact with a COVID positive individual.

To provide proof of vaccination, please complete the NSBE COVID-19 Vaccination and Test Results Form here.

Sponsors and Acknowledgements