World Headquarters

National Society of Black Engineers
World Headquarters
205 Daingerfield Road
Alexandria, Virginia 22314
Phone: 703. 549.2207
Fax: 703. 683.5312

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NSBE Partnership Request Contact: Brandon Swain at 

NSBE World Headquarters Staff Teams 

Although Headquarters has a management structure, we function in teams. Listed below are the home teams for each staff member. All teams have a National Executive Board member for their functional areas.

Executive Team - Responsibilities include overall management of NSBE World Headquarters.

Team Lead: Karl Reid
Team Member: Saundra Turner

Administrative Team - Responsibilities include general management of the World Headquarters, including human resources, staff training and development, operational policies and procedures, office equipment, building maintenance, and general day-to-day activities of the staff.

Team Lead: Richard L. Clemmons, Jr
Team Member:  Erika Howell, Roena Cox, Eboni Bowman, Ebony Jackson, Natasha Watson

Accounting, Finance and Process Management Team - Responsibilities include budgeting, accounts payables and receivables, credit card management, check reimbursement and disbursements, collections, refunds, receipt management, taxes, tax-exempt status, audit, registration and membership fees, mortgage, and financial and liability contracts. Finance and Development responsibilities include identifying potential opportunities for grant funding through corporate, foundation and government entities; obtaining in-kind support, and evaluating projects for competitive advantage and fundraising feasibility.

Team Lead: Stanton Hill
Team Members: Teanesha Washington, Felicia Carter, Eden Assefa, Rica Muhammad

Marketing and Communications Team - Responsibilities include media relations, internal and external communications, publishing NSBE Magazine. This team is also responsible for content management of the NSBE website and national public relations efforts.

Team Lead: Charles Thompson III
Team Member: Yvette Watson

Membership and Registration Team - Responsibilities include developing and implementing strategies as they relate to database management, membership benefits, recruitment, retention, membership marketing, and chapter renewal/creation. This team is also responsible for national convention registration.

Team Lead: Me'Shell Sheffield
Team Member: Cecelia Pitt, Tamra Greer, Rickelle Gordon, Darius Simington

Programs Team - Responsibilities include planning and implementing programs as defined by the National Executive Board, including Academic Excellence, PCI, Technical Excellence, T.O.R.C.H., Chapter Development and Leadership; Scholarships and Competitions; Awards and Recognition; Torchbearers; Strategic Partnerships.

Team Lead: Rochelle Williams
Team Members: David Varnado, Ruth McNeil, Raynashia Goodine, Sherina Council, Thomas Harris, Ashley (Osato) Uzamere, Danielle Mazzuchi, Dania Roach

Fund Development Team - Responsibilities include fostering relationships with Board of Corporate Affiliates (BCA) companies; building corporate relationships with other companies and securing in-kind support and sponsorship for NSBE.

Team Lead: Charles Thompson III
Team Members: Teiko McCullough, Kaylan Somerville, Angela Jackson, Portia Jones, Jessica Sussen, Franco Holmes, Phillip Jones, Brandon Swain