NSBE Acronyms

AEC - Academic Excellence Committee
APC - Administrative and Personnel Committee
BCA - Board of Corporate Affiliates
BD - Business Diversity
CCI - Community College Initiative
CDP - Chapter Development Program
CEB - Chapter Executive Board
CPC - Conference Planning Committee
FRC - Fall Regional Conference
GTA - Golden Torch Awards
IC - International Committee
LRP - Long Range Plan
NAB - National Advisory Board
NEB - National Executive Board
NEO - National Executive Officers
NEW - National Engineers Week
NLI - National Leadership Institute
PCI - Pre-College Initiative
PDC - Professional Development Conference
PEB - Professionals Executive Board
PEO - Professionals Executive Officers
RAB - Regional Advisory Board
REB - Regional Executive Board
REO - Regional Executive Officers
RLC - Regional Leadership Conference
RPEB - Regional Professionals Executive Board
RPEO - Regional Professionals Executive Officers
TPC - Technical Professional Conference
USTR - Undergraduate Students in Technical Research