Region I Chair Welcome

My name is Phoebe Ato, and it is with distinct pleasure and honor that I serve as your 2020-2021 Regional Chairperson. 

This year, the REB is working from the theme VISION which stands for Value, Inclusion, Support, Innovation, Opportunities and Nourishment. It is our hope that as we diligently work with this theme in our minds, we will journey towards better and higher heights as a Region. My honest desire is that as you read through this, you take this theme of VISION and make it a part of everything you do this NSBE year. This will be a year where we value and prioritize every single member of the Region by being inclusive and supportive of them. This year, we will bring forth innovative solutions to deal with issues we will face, especially during this global pandemic. Furthermore, we will ensure that we put forth opportunities that leave every participant nourished.

From the theme of VISION, the 2020-2021 Regional Directives were derived as follows:

  • Uplift Our Members (Support all Members with relevant Opportunities)
  • Reform Our Framework (Instill innovative and value-driven decisions)
  • Establish Our Presence (Engage in nourished and inclusive relationship with all stakeholders)

In this time of uncertainty and constant change, please know that the entire REB is working to make sure that Region 1 NSBE will still be what it has been to most of us- a place of family and upliftment. We the REB ask that you remain engaged and present but most importantly that you take care of yourself and prioritize your needs. Wherever you are at this time, keep lighting the FIYAH, burning bright and remind yourself of the VISION of the year. 

With all the Love and FIYAH,
Phoebe Ato | 2020-2021 Region I Chairperson