Words from your National International Committee Chair

“Serving as your 2015-2016 National International Committee Chair is an opportunity that I am truly grateful for. We have the potential to change the lives of many people here in the United States and around the world. I have been involved with the International Committee for the past two years and have seen important opportunities for us as a society to improve upon with regards to our international sector. I have outlined three personal goals that not only align with the National Directives and Strategic Goals of 2015-17 but have been incorporated within the National Executive Board Operations Plan. My goals are to foster a relationship between domestic and international members through programming, establish a network of sponsorship for international chapter start-ups and programming, and lastly to improve publications and telecommunication efforts. I have expressed my goals to the members of my committee and each person has specifically created tasks and goals that they plan to execute throughout the term so that we as a committee are working towards one goal. On behalf of the entire International Committee, we are excited to make a significant change in the structure of NSBE International while increasing the number [of black engineers] globally.” 

National International Committee Purpose

The purpose of the International Committee is to drive and coordinate the expansion of NSBE and to establish processes by which the integration of international chapters into the NSBE family can be realized. It is believed that as we increase the number of international chapters, NSBE programs in various countries will result in increased engineers in those locations and drastically increased communication, technology exchange, and cultural development in the areas touched by NSBE. NSBE members around the world will benefit from opportunities to study, work and travel abroad. This prepares NSBE members to take leadership roles in the global economy and impact the global community through NSBE programs.

Ultimately, the goal is that NSBE chapters in every location will use the resources at hand to positively impact their immediate communities and fulfill the NSBE mission. If you are interested in helping NSBE globalize its mission, please apply to be a part of the team below.