Ten80 Education™ produces standards-based STEM curricula and competitions, as well as a web-based Points Race that gamifies hands-on learning. Its three signature programs are the Ten80 Racing Challenge, Autonomous Vehicle (AV) Challenge, and Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Challenge. (The Ten80-NSBE STEM League does not currently include the UAV Challenge.)

Through class, club, and camp curriculum, complete with materials, training, and support, Ten80 invites middle and high school students to practice the art of being STEM professionals. Youth in schools and out-of-school settings, supported by a community of mentors and educators, collaborate and compete in ways that mirror engineers, technicians, green transportation designers, business executives, marketing specialists, and professional motorsports teams. To demonstrate their skills, teams across the U.S. and China gather to compete at local, regional, and national Face-to-Face events each year, and/or submit their work for the online Points Race.

In addition to the curriculum and competitions, Ten80 draws on decades of experience with students and educators to produce custom, event-based STEM experiences with industry association partners, designed to help launch youth into career pathways while promoting meaningful community engagement. Notable custom event sponsors have included the U.S. Army, SEMA (Specialty Equipment Market Association), NASCAR, SME (formerly Society of Manufacturing Engineers), NSBE (National Society of Black Engineers), America Makes, Lightning eMotors, and the Denver Broncos.

Team Registration

Every TEN80 NSBE STEM League team must

  • Each team is entered into the Middle or High School series. If any single individual on a team is in grades 9-12, the team must be High School.
  • Teams must be comprised of active NSBE Jr. members.
  • Each team enters one or more of the following competition series: Racing Challenge, Autonomous Vehicle Challenge, and/or online Points Race.
  • Attend the 50th Annual Convention in Atlanta, GA. 
  • Chapter advisor and team coaches must provide a satisfactory NSBE background check with Info Cubic.

Critical 2023 - 2024 Dates

For quick reference, the following target dates are listed to ensure your participation in the TEN80 NSBE STEM League. Please read responsibilities, events, and target timeline carefully. ALL links and resources are listed below and should be followed in the suggested order. For further information on the upcoming NSBE conferences, please visit convention.nsbe.org



Register with NSBE and Ten80 for Ten80 NSBE STEM at Annual Convention

Register your Ten80 team on www.ten80education.com and submit application to compete at NSBE's 50th Annual Convention here by Friday, December 29th, 2023.
· Middle School team application here
· High School team application here
· Confirmation of participation will be sent by Friday, Jan 19, 2024.

Acquire access to Ten80 Education™ Curriculum (REQUIRED)

September 1, 2023 through January 28, 2024 at the following link: Ten80 Curriculum

2023-24 Season Orientation and Training Webinars with Ten80

September, October, November, January- Dates TBA. Refer to the calendar at the following link: Ten80 Calendar
National CompetitionTen80 Points RaceOpens October 2023 at the following link: Ten80 Points Race
NSBE FRC Ten80 Workshops
Dates and Location TBD

NSBE-Ten80 Nationals at 50th Annual NSBE Convention
(REQUIRED Register with NSBE for Convention AND Register with Ten80 for the competition)

Please register for Annual Convention no later than March 1, 2024 if you plan on competing in the Ten80 Competition on Friday, March 22, 2024 in Atlanta, GA. You can register for Convention here:

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