Ten80 Education provides curricula, materials, training and support to serve middle and high school students as they practice the art of being professionals. Young men and women, supported by a community of mentors and educators, collaborate and compete in ways that mirror business and marketing executives, engineers, technicians, green transportation designers and professional motorsports teams.

Teams compete Face-to-Face (F2F) in the Ten80-NSBE STEM League during the NSBE Annual Convention  each spring. Teams can also earn points and gain feedback from remote STEM mentors via the web-based Student Racing Challenge Points Race. NSBE National Finals winners and Points Race leaders earn invitations to the National STEM League (NSL) Finals, an international competition for students who have practiced with Ten80 curricula and materials, hosted in late spring of each year.

NSBE has committed to bringing members quality programming. A significant part of our commitment is the financial investment. Registering for NSBE’s Ten80 program means you commit to completing the program in its entirety and will fully participate in the culminating activities at the Annual Convention. 

Team Registration

  • Each team is entered into the Middle or High School series. If any individual on a team is in grades 9–12, the team must be High School.
  • Teams must be composed of active NSBE Jr. members.
  • Each team enters into one or both competition series: Face-to-Face (F2F) and/or Online Points Race.
  • Attendance at the 48th Annual Convention is required.CNAtHe

Application Procedure

Ten80 Student Racing Challenge registration is completed via an online application through Jotform. The application can be found here. To fully complete registration, each team must also complete registration at Ten80education.com. Each team interested in participating for the 2020–2021 program year must submit an application for the program and meet all of the team requirements. Completing all of the information in the application is vital.

Critical 2022 - 2023 Dates

For quick reference, the following target dates are listed to ensure your participation in Ten80. For further information on the upcoming NSBE conferences, please visit nsbe.org.



Ten80-NSBE LeagueParticipation confirmation will be sent out in December
Ten80 Education 2022-2023 RegistrationTeams must also register through Ten80 at www.ten80education.com
Ten80- National STEM LeagueThe Ten80 Points Race will begin in October 2022
National CompetitionHeld at NSBE's Annual Convention March 22-March 26, 2023 in Kansas City MO

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