Becoming an active member of your local chapter is the easiest way to get involved with NSBE. To locate a chapter near you, use the chapter search tool below.

Chapter Resources

The resources below provide an overview of the requirements and processes to start a NSBE Professionals chapter. For more detailed information and steps, please download the Chapter Charter Checklist.

Professional Chapter Toolkit

  • Hold chapter meetings 1-4 times per month.
  • Plan engaging events for members to participate in.
  • Share resources and other opportunities with members.
  • Create and adhere to chapter budget.
Professional Chapter Requirements

To charter a new chapter or renew an established chapter, the following criteria must be met:

  • Chapter has ten active (nationally paid) members
    • National Professional membership dues are $50 annually. A chapter may also collect additional chapter dues to cover chapter costs.
  • Chapter must have the following chapter executive officers assigned and active in NSBE Connect:
    • Required chapter roles:
      • President
      • ​Vice President
      • Secretary
      • Treasurer
      • Professional Delegate
    • How to assign chapter officer using NSBE Connect:
      • Log into NSBE Connect.
      • Select Chapters.
      • Select My Chapters.
      • Select the Chapter you are associated with.
      • Select Manage officers to edit chapter roles.
      • Follow Prompts.
If your chapter becomes inactive, log into your NSBE Connect account and make sure that the above criteria are met. Once completed, the system will automatically recognize your chapter as active. We recommend updating your chapter profile yearly.
To begin the chapter charter process, petition a Professional chapter using this link. Chapter petitions are reviewed and approved by NSBE World Headquarters Membership Staff. Each chapter must complete all relevant chapter information. This information includes, but is mot limited to chapter name, address, phone number, and constitution. A sample Chapter Constitution can be found here. For questions regarding the chapter charter process, contact the Membership Team at NSBE World Headquarters at or 703.549.2207 prompt 1.

Current Chapters

Chapters must be active for their senators’ and delegates’ votes to be recognized in NSBE elections. Keeping your chapter active also permits your chapter to compete in Chapter of the Year competitions and have access to chapter relief funding.  

To renew your chapter’s charter each year, you must ensure the following requirements are met:

  • Chapter has at least 10 active members (five members for NSBE Jr. chapters).
  • The following chapter executive officers are assigned and active in NSBECONNECT. (For instructions on how to update your chapter officers, download the Chapter Officer Appointment Instructions.)
  • President
  • Vice President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Senator

Start a Chapter

Would you like to start a NSBE chapter? If so, please submit a petition to start a chapter today! (Contact the Membership and Registration team.)

 NSBE chapters may be eligible to use NSBE’s 501(c)(3) nonprofit standing: 

  • Must have your own federal tax ID (or use that of your university).
  • Your chapter must be active. If not, renew the chapter's charter. (Chapters that do not have active status in NSBECONNECT are not eligible. (Chapters need to have 10 paid members and the required officers.)
  • Confirm with your university that the chapter cannot use the university's tax-exempt status for itself as a subordinate.

If the chapter cannot use the tax-exempt status of the university, then the chapter needs to fill out the survey linked below. 

If the chapter does not have its own federal tax ID #:

Unfortunately, chapters are not allowed to use NSBE’s tax id #; you must obtain your own. You can apply for one at the following website:

If you have any questions, please contact NSBE's Membership and Registration team at

 To find a chapter near you, please use the chapter search tool below.

Chapter Search

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