Progress so far...

This year, the Empowering African American Women in STEM (AAWiSTEM) Task Force,  was able to host AAWiSTEM-themed workshops, events, luncheons and panels at all six of their Fall Regional Conferences. From Region III’s Cupcakes and Conversations hospitality suite discussion on crucial and controversial topics associated with and encountered by African American women in STEM fields, to Region I’s AAWiSTEM panel

By having these events at all six Fall Regional Conferences, the AAWiSTEM task force aimed to take a grassroots approach in both address the lack of African American women in STEM, as well as brainstorming ways in which NSBE can contribute to their success. With the key takeaways from each event, the AAWiSTEM task force plans to further develop their strategies for impacting this Empowering African American Women in STEM initiative long term and we are excited to see what the future holds for African American women in NSBE and in STEM!

This year, we have also been able to form collaborations amongst NSBE’s own Women In Science and Engineering (WISE) Special Interest Group and the Society of Women Engineers’ (SWE) African American Affinity group. NSBE also offers a joint membership with SWE for those who are interested in obtaining benefits from joining both organizations.

This year, we also hosted our first ever Twitter chat on #AAWiSTEM which had so many responses, that our official NSBE Twitter account was put into “Twitter jail” and was no longer able to send any more tweets. If you missed the conversation, you can view it here.


If you’ve missed out on any of the events thus far, there will also be numerous AAWiSTEM-themed events and workshop tracks at this year’s 40th Annual Convention in Nashville, Tennessee and we hope to see you there! Need to register? Click here!

The milestones we have reached this year are phenomenal, and we can only expect to see even greater things from the AAWiSTEM task force in the years to come!