Lifetime Membership

Make the ULTIMATE COMMITMENT: by becoming a Lifetime Member of the National Society of Black Engineers.
Add your voice and commitment to the ranks of those that have made a life-long commitment to the mission by becoming a Lifetime Member of NSBE.  NSBE’s Lifetime members are an esteemed part of our NSBE family, and we look forward to welcoming you into this special group.
Lifetime memberships do not expire. Once your lifetime membership is paid in full, you are forever considered an active NSBE member.
The fee for Lifetime Membership is $1200. You have the option to pay the full amount up front or take advantage of our convenient 12-month payment Plan. 
Lifetime Members enjoy the privilege of not paying annual dues at the National level. However, you are still responsible for to any local dues to be active within your area chapter. The money is also used to support and invest in NSBE programs to ensure that the programs that make impact for our members continue to exist and be successful.
For more information about the Lifetime Membership, please contact the Professionals Membership Chairperson at