NSBE Recruitment Month

NSBE Recruitment month is a four-week competition from September 25 to October 23, 2017 that is intended to energize NSBE membership recruitment at the beginning academic year. From Monday at 6:00 PM PST to the following Monday at 5:00 PST, each chapter has seven days to try to gain the most national dues-paid members.

The chapter and region that gains the most members within each seven-day period of recruitment month will be recognized on NSBE social media at the end of the week. Each week there will be a "wildcard." A wildcard is a demographic whose registration will count double toward the recruitment competition. For instance, if the wildcard for the week is "Members in Their 2nd Year of University," then any 2nd year members who are recruited during that week count as two newly recruited members in term of the weekly membership competition. The wildcard will be announced on Monday of each week.

The single objective of recruitment month is to recruit as many new members as possible. The two goals that support this objective are:

  1. Encourage chapters to develop creative ways to recruit students into their NSBE chapters
  2. Encourage chapters to develop creative ways to get their members to pay national dues early on, thus reducing registration issues during the Fall Regional Conference (FRC) season and the annual national convention season.

What will you do to get others to #joinNSBE?