Reach Your Highest Peak at NSBE NLC | Blacksburg, VA | June 8-10, 2017

The National Leadership Conference (NLC) is NSBE’s premier training program for national and regional officers. Our hope is for you to experience a few days of intensive leadership training and skill building. This year’s conference has been generously sponsored by Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University and will be hosted on their beautiful campus in the Appalachian mountains of Blacksburg Virginia.  The theme of this year’s conference pays homage not only to Virginia Tech’s breathtaking landscapes, but also to its academic reputation for training the world’s brightest engineers.

This four-day conference provides all National and Regional leaders of the society with the opportunity to train in one location and share ideas, as well as receive a preview of programmatic offerings from the National Leadership Institute (NLI), our year-long curriculum of leadership and professional development programming.

Participants receive training in project management areas like budgeting, expense management, public relations, funds solicitation, governance, non-profit management best-practices and balancing work and demands of school. They will also receive the opportunity to further cultivate “soft skills” such as effective communication, coalition-building, asset-mapping, and conflict resolution.  Join us as you reach your highest peak at NSBE’s NLC!

Thank you to our Himalayan Partner, Chevron Corporation.
We thank Chevron for its continued partnership and support.


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