MathCounts - Middle School 

The MATHCOUNTS competition is a fun and challenging math program designed for U.S. middle school students to increase their academic and professional opportunities. There will be a circuit of exams given to students at their respective 2013 Fall Regional Conferences in November. The first place winner from each region will compete at NSBE's annual convention.


Round #1

Sprint Round | 40 mins  Calculators: Yes


30 Problems | Test accuracy
Only "most" capable students will complete all problems

Round #2

Target Round | 30 mins Calculators: Yes

8 Problems | Multi-step problems
Mathematical reasoning
Problem solving processes

Round #3

Team Round | 20 mins Calculators: No


10 Problems | Teams work together. Interaction is permitted

Round #4

Countdown Round
Not used on Regional Level Calculators: Yes


Top scoring individuals. Pairs of mathletes compete against each other and the clock to solve problems



  • MATHCOUNTS builds math skills, promotes logical thinking and sharpens students' analytical abilities.

  • MATHCOUNTS motivates and rewards students by fostering teamwork and a competitive spirit.

  • MATHCOUNTS is more than a competition. It involves students and teachers in year-long coaching sessions and helps students at all levels improve their critical-thinking and problem-solving skills.

  • MATHCOUNTS provides America's middle school teachers with creative, interesting and comprehensive curriculum materials, free of charge.


No registration fees are due from your chapter for MathCounts.

Program Rules

The MATHCOUNTS rule book will be available early fall. Teams will be notified once all 2013-14 materials are available. Only ONE team per chapter is eligible to compete. In the meantime, visit our MATHCOUNTS page to review the program's content.

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