NSBE Jr. Explorer



The National Society of Black Engineers presents the NSBE Jr. Explorer Technical Innovation
Competition (formerly known as the science fair), an annual national program. This program is
tailored to allow pre-college students the opportunity to compete and explore the many
applications of science utilizing projects, competitions, and science fairs. The NSBE Jr. Explorer
Technical Innovations Competition (TIC) will occur at the Annual Convention.

Program Goals:

  • Encourage Science Based inquiry in Pre-college students
  • Improve oral presentation and scientific writing skills


  • Students in grades 6-12 are eligible for the NSBE Jr. Explorer’s Technical Innovation Competition.
  • Participants must be PAID NSBE Jr. members.

The competition will be divided into two classifications:

  • Middle School (Junior): 6th- 8th grade students
  • High School (Senior): 9th-12th grade students

2013-2014 NSBE Jr. Explorer Technical Innovation Competition Rulebook


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Katrina M. Hill - pci at nsbe.org


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