The KidWind Project consists of a team exploring the science behind wind and other renewable forms of energy. The goal is to make renewable energy widely accessible through hands-on activities that are challenging, engaging, and teach basic science and engineering principles. Students dedicate their year of engagement to building a small turbine to produce as much power as possible. They are tasked with thinking about the best construction techniques and the most innovative design to make their turbine operate. This program is open to high school NSBE Jr. members with students in grades 9-12. NSBE’s KidWind Challengecompetition takes place at the Annual Convention.

When students participate in the KidWind Challenge they will
  • Discover the promise and limitations of wind energy technology 
  • Design a functional wind turbine based on their knowledge of wind energy 
  • Create a wind turbine of their own and test its performance 
  • Compete against peers for the most creative and functional turbine 

Eligibility and Requirements:
  • All participants must be active membersof an officially recognized NSBE Jr. chapter.
  • High school NSBE Jr. members (Grades 9-12)
  • Attending the 46th Annual Convention in San Antonio, TX.
  • Teams: minimum of two students and a maximum of four

Rulebook and Registration: