The Math Video Challenge is an innovative program that empowers students to be math teachers, video producers, actors and artists — all at the same time! Working together in teams, students create their own videos about math problems and the concepts associated with them. Formerly known as the Reel Math Challenge, the Math Video Challenge is designed to get students excited about math while giving them the opportunity to hone their creativity and communication skills. During the year, students form teams consisting of four students each to create a video that teaches the solution to one of the problems from the MATHCOUNTS School Handbook and also demonstrates the real-world application of the math concept used in the problem.

Eligibility Requirements:

1.) All participants must be active PAID NSBE Jr. members.
2.) Plan to attend the 46th Annual Convention in San Antonio, TX 
3.) Grade level and number of participants: Four students in grades 6-8 per team

Rulebook and Registration: