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    Tips From NSBE ‘Working From Home’ Veterans

    Teleworking, telecommuting, or my preferred term, “working from home (WFH),” introduces a whole new set of challenges and opportunities, especially for the millions now practicing it for the first time, on short notice, as a result of the current public health emergency. The web provides a trove of information about WFH, but researchers differ widely about its balance of benefits and disadvantages, while posing many unanswered questions.

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    Everyone Contributes to the Playlist

    I’m heartened by the growing interest and investment in diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) in industry and academia. Rather than just being the latest workplace fad, DEI is increasingly a strategic imperative, so much so that the chief diversity officer (CDO) has become an essential part of the leadership of multinational companies and college campuses nationwide.

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    Time Management Doesn't Work!

    I don’t believe anyone can “manage” time. Time will always proceed as designed.
    So rather than trying to manage it, learn to “harness” it for your best purposes.
    Here are a few tips from my book “Working Smarter, Not Just Harder: Three Sensible Strategies
    for Succeeding in College…and Life” that will help you effectively “harness” time — by the
    semester and by the week.

  • Get a GRIP! A Message to Incoming College Freshmen

    You made it! You worked hard, got admitted to college and graduated from high school. And your family, NSBE Jr. advisors and peers, teachers and community are applauding you! I am, too!

    But now what?

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    Women in the Workplace: Challenges and Opportunities

    Since complaints alleging deplorable behavior by Harvey Weinstein surfaced late last year, hardly a week goes by without one or more new sexual harassment allegations being made by women against men with whom they’ve worked or, most tragically, for whom they’ve worked. The #MeToo movement that has burgeoned in the wake of these revelations has empowered women (and men) to speak truth to power, challenge the status quo and demand an inclusive workplace that ensures opportunities for success for women on equal grounds with their male peers and supervisors.

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    Change Your Attitude! Embrace Effort

    Change Your Attitude! Embrace Effort

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    Is the Black Engineering Crisis a Woman Problem?

    NSBE 2025 and the Engineering Crisis Among Blacks

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    STEM and Social Justice: Applying an Engineering Lens to Social Change Part 2 of 2

    The people who are closest to the problems are most aware of what the solutions are and should be.

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    STEM and Social Justice: Applying an Engineering Lens to Social Change

    Social justice is the pursuit of a world in which all people have the opportunity to live decently and free of harm. It is born of the collective understanding that injustice and inequality are endemic to the systems and structures that make up our society.

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    Why NSBE Matters: How NSBE Supports 21st Century Engineering Traits

    As executive director and former national chair of NSBE, I’ve often asked myself what effect our Society has on what really matters: filling the growing talent gap our global economy needs to address the technical, social and political challenges of the 21st century.