As a Senator, you play a crucial role in facilitating a strong connection between the chapter, regional, and national levels of NSBE. Although you have specific decision-making duties at Regional and National Conferences, your year-round role ensures that Chapters are staying informed about regional and national business outside of conferences and ensuring that concerns of your chapter are being addressed by our regional and national leaders.

Regional Parliamentarians will be working diligently throughout the year to ensure that you are prepared to fulfill your year-round duties as a Senator. Whether you were unable to attend or need to follow-up with your Regional Parliamentarians for further information and training, know that there is support for you to feel capable and confident in your role as one of the decision-making bodies in NSBE.

Senator Responsibilities At-A-Glance
  • Have a working knowledge of NSBE governing documents and the proper use of Parliamentary Procedure
  • Vote on the elected offices of National Executive Board and Regional Executive Board
  • Vote on amendments to National Constitution and Bylaws
  • Speak on behalf of their respective chapter in Regional and National business (typically conducted during Town Halls at Regional Meetings and the National Forum at the Annual Convention)
Starting at RLCs, you should expect training and support pertaining to:
  • Robert’s Rules of Order (11th Edition) - Parliamentary Procedure
  • Chapter, Regional, and National Governing Documents (Bylaws and/or Constitution)
  • Familiarity with Regional and National Business
As a Senator, you play a crucial role in facilitating a strong connection between the Chapter, Regional, and National levels of NSBE. Parliamentarians are here to make sure you get the training you need to fulfill your duties starting at RLC!