The NEB is “subject to the orders of the membership and none of its acts shall conflict with decisions made by the vote of the general body, or the goals and objectives of the organization” (National Constitution Art VII Section 2(b))”. This statement emphasizes the servant leadership model of our organization and the fact that ultimately, the general membership holds the power. This power is exercised primarily through Chapter Senators.

Chapter Senators are a select group of collegiate Members (as defined in Const. Art III Sec 3(a)) representing their respective collegiate chapters. Two Senators are elected or appointed by each Chapter (according to Chapter Governing Documents) and make informed decisions on behalf of their Chapter and the general membership in regional and national business.

Senators make their voice heard through:
  • Their ability to propose and ratify changes to the Regional and National Governing Documents
  • Deciding who has the right vision and capability to serve in elected offices of the Regional and National Executive Boards and make decisions on behalf of the general membership
  • Business conducted as a Regional and/or National Senate

Important Reminders!

To be eligible to serve as a Chapter Senator you must be a Member as defined in Const. Art III Sec 3 (a).
  • This includes being a paid undergraduate or graduate student member who is pursuing a degree in engineering, engineering technology, or applied/physical science or has received an undergraduate degree in these areas respectively
You must be listed as an active collegiate chapter (Bylaws Art IV Sec 2) for your Senator to be able to cast votes in regional and national business.
  • This includes updating officer information in your NSBE Chapter account (at least President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Senator)
The Senator role was designed so that there are individuals at the Chapter level dedicated to the position and engaged YEAR-ROUND in Regional and National Business in order to make informed decisions.
  • It is important that the Senator position is not treated as a dual-role for another Chapter leader or filled temporarily a few weeks before a conference. Make sure you have your dedicated Senators in place so the true potential of the Senate can be realized.
Senators play an important role in NSBE governance