Over the last four years, the NSBE Professionals have worked to redefine their brand and influence. The NSBE Senate has played a vital role in advancing this effort by supporting amendments to the Constitution that have changed the name of the body and that have formally established the Professionals Affiliate membership category. The NSBE Professionals is now asking the NSBE Senate to take up two more amendment proposals that will help better define the membership criteria for Professional members and will allow Professional members to have a consequential voice in NSBE business.

At last year’s Annual Convention, the NSBE Senate took up an amendment proposal to change the definition of the Professional member. While that amendment received significant support, it did not reach the three-fourths Senate vote required for ratification. So, the NSBE Professionals have revised their proposal to address two concerns raised by NSBE Senators. First, there was concern that the standard for NSBE Professional membership would be lowered beyond a reasonable standard with the prior proposal. Second, Senators were uncomfortable with the lack of clarity on how the new rules would apply. This revised amendment proposal establishes specific new minimum standards that must be met before Professional member status can be considered. Further, it establishes a clear process for how one who does not meet the original criteria for Professional membership can acquire it through new alternative criteria.

The second new amendment proposal seeks to make the National Professionals Chairperson a voting member of the National Executive Board. The National Professionals Chairperson represents some 7,000 NSBE Professionals and Professional Affiliate members, representing nearly a quarter of all NSBE members. By giving the National Professionals Chairperson a voting stake on the NEB, it will insure that the interests of this substantial segment of NSBE membership are given appropriate weight in policy making decisions.

Make sure to keep your chapter up to date on these proposals and how they impact the organization to best represent your chapter’s voice on these important measures.

Author: Eric Bryant

The specific amendment proposals can be found below. Contact your Parliamentarian for additional questions and concerns so you can make an informed decision at Annual Convention.

Professionals Chair NEB Voting proposal
Profesional Membership proposal

As a Senator, you make informed decisions on behalf of all our membership – NSBE Jr, Collegiate, and Professionals. Two constitutional amendments on the 2015 ballot concern NSBE Professionals so ensure that you are prepared to make this decision!