My Back to School Plan

By Kayla Mackey

 Kayla Mackey, 11, is a member of the Bridgeport/Access NSBE Jr. Chapter in Bridgeport, Ct.

This year, I started a new school. As a 7th grader, my work load increased, and I take many more classes. Although I started out nervous, I have focused on my goal to excel academically. Before I started the year, I had to come up with a plan to do well. My plan includes studying, taking notes, developing a positive attitude and believing I can do well.

Excelling academically is important, because it makes your future better. When you do well in school, you can attend great high schools and colleges that prepare you for life and competitive career choices. Achieving in school makes you smarter and more prepared for the challenges life brings us. Lastly, doing well in school improves your quality of life. You will be free to live in good neighborhoods, travel, be independent and help those less fortunate.

“How do you excel academically?” you may ask. When I am in class, I make every effort to record important facts my teacher shares with the class in my notebook. I review my notes daily and study a few days before my exams. I always think positive thoughts. I understand that if I believe I will do well and I work hard, I actually will do well. I choose to surround myself with positive friends, also. Doing well in school is difficult when you are surrounded by other kids who put you down or tell you that school is not important. Choose your friends wisely.

Another way to excel academically is to be in a good environment. A good environment means a clean and organized workspace at school and home, and hanging out with kids who don’t get into trouble. As I mentioned earlier, find people who will encourage you. If you don’t know anyone else like that, remember your parents will encourage you to do well.

What steps will you take to excel academically?

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