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As Google continues to grow, we have a responsibility to scale our diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives to increase pathways to tech in the communities we call home. Here’s how we’re approaching that work.

We are building a robust, diverse talent pool to support our industry’s growth. By providing computer science education from primary school through university we are growing the next generation of Black and Latinx tech leaders through programs like CS FirstCode Next, and Tech Exchange. Our residency programs like IT Residency ProgramEngineering Residency, and AI Residency, help jumpstart careers in technology at Google and beyond.

Google works hard to attract the best talent and once they are here, we want them to stay. To support this, we build diversity, equity, and inclusion capabilities among all Googlers from managers and leaders, to front line human resources. The Equity Programs Team focuses on ensuring parity in how we source and hire Nooglers as well as in performance reviews, promotions, and retention. Through our Employee Resource Groups, Leadership Councils, and Diversity councils, we foster a sense of belonging throughout the company, even while many of us are working from home.

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