NSBE's Mission Statement
To increase the number of culturally responsible Black Engineers who excel academically, succeed professionally and positively impact the community.

Value Proposition Statement
The NSBE Professionals inspire the next generation of technical professionals, and serve as a catalyst for transforming the culture of engineering.

  • Dr. Karl Reid, NSBE Executive Director (left), Anthony Murphy, PEB Chair (middle) and Tony Harris, NSBE Founder (right)
    Life Member Reception at Annual Convention 2018 in Pittsburgh, PA

In 1988, the National Society of Black Engineers decided to create what we now refer to as the NSBE Professionals. We are an extension of the mission, that “succeed professionally” part that is such a vital portion of the NSBE mission. We support and enhance the programs, mission and vision of our NSBE counterparts.

  • MC Lyte Presenting at the Annual Convention – March 2018

With over 100 chapters nationwide, the NSBE Professionals has an opportunity to change the world, and we will - 1 student, 1 event, 1 post and 1 email at a time.

During the 2018 Annual Convention, we saw an organization which started out as five (5) young men in a dorm room, host over 14,000 participants and hundreds of corporations eager to hire top talent. The NSBE Professionals networked, mentored, interviewed and volunteered in a host of STEM activities involving robotics, science fairs and various other youth competitions. We gave back in every way you could imagine and left convention purpose-driven knowing we had done our part.

Our goal is to graduate 10,000 Black Engineers each year by 2025 and with your support, we can do it. The college bound and college bread need mentoring, a kind word, a few scholarships and your active engagement in order to keep pushing toward their success. Remember, each of us was once in their shoes, trying to figure out what we want to do with our lives, where to live, where to work and where to serve. It is through NSBE we have an opportunity to impact our community and beyond.

And lastly, we need you to act on your purpose through the National Society of Black Engineers. Each of you have experiences and skills which can significantly improve how we do and our outcomes. We need your willingness to lend a hand, volunteer, lead and follow. Each time you mentor, tutor, judge or just donate, you elevate NSBE's ability to impact the next generation of Black Engineers.