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2017 NSBE PDC Special Interest Group Workshops 

Highlighted SIG Programming
  • Space SIG: Five Professionals Impacting 7000 Youth - The Power of a Fully Operational NSBE JEDI Initiative | The target audience of this session Professionals and Corporate Representatives. This workshop will demonstrate how the Space SIG uses the FORCE – Focus On Replicating Career Excellence – to help NSBE achieve its goal of graduating 10,000 Black students in engineering annually starting by 2025.  The college class of 2025 is now in 9th, 10th, and 11th grades.  A comprehensive tactic of engaging students at all levels from elementary school up through undergraduate is necessary to effect a successful increase in the number of graduates.  The Space SIG’s JEDI – Jumpstart to Engineering Design and Invention – leverages its technical projects as an outreach platform to capture young children and progressively nurture the most promising students through a NSBE network into engineering careers with the nation’s most prominent companies and agencies.  We will show how a dedicated team of five professionals with limited time and availability can expose up to 7,000 students to space technologies and give them the means to successfully enter the engineering workforce.  We will then discuss current obstacles to the success of this initiative.  We will further make a direct appeal to workshop participants to join this process and show how their technical talents can be applied, regardless of their respective industries.
  • Transportation and Infrastructure SIG: Black owned Engineering/ Construction Firms | REGISTER HERE This workshop will celebrate Black Engineering and Construction Firms.  Starting an engineering/construction company is fairly easy.  The challenge is staying in business and remaining profitable.  This session will introduce some of the premier engineering/construction firms as they discuss their journey towards entrepreneurship.  This roundtable will bring together engineers and designers from the transportation and infrastructure industry. The discussion will focus on the education, background, steps to start a business, bidding on projects and successful completion of the contracts they were involved in. The panel will also discuss the challenges as a DBE and how the DBE programs can help their business and the challenges working for Prime Contractors.
  • Entrepreneurship SIG: Entrepreneur Business Connection | The NSBE Entrepreneurship SIG will host a business networking function that brings together NSBE Entrepreneurs and local entrepreneurs with government and corporate diversity supplier organizations.  The event is designed to engage attendees in discussion that lead to meaning business opportunities.  Additionally, small businesses are invited who may offer products and services that address needs of the entrepreneurs attending the function. 
  • Environmental SIG: Environmental Engineering Excellence | All interested parties will be allowed present a topic of their choice on environmental engineering
  • Healthcare Innovation SIG: Oriel Stat ISO Training (e.g. ISO 9001, ISO 13485, ISO 14971, ISO 60601) | NSBE Professional and Healthcare Industry Professionals who are Engineers within Healthcare Industry.  Facilitated by Oriel Stat Matrix, HISIG will provide a 1 day ISO training across 2 x 1.0 hour sessions for NSBE PDC Participants.
    Oriel STAT A MATRIX has been assisting organizations with Quality Management System implementation and Regulatory support for close to 50 years.

    As NSBE’s HISIG seeks to educate its membership on the latest in  healthcare quality regulations and standards, presentations topics will include the following:
    1. ISO Medical Standards for 13485: Transition to 2017 - Top learnings from the implementation process
    2. Medical Device Single Audit Program (MDSAP) – Frequently asked questions and initial implementation lessons.  Training will span 2.0 hours where attendees will gain insight into the development of healthcare innovations from fabrication and finishing through final assembly.  The tour center might feature a series of displays that provide attendees with exposure to various manufacturing, assembly, and cleanroom processes. 
  • Public Policy SIG: Policies to Direct Next Practices within STEM Education and Professions | Please join the Public Policy Special Interest Group, in partnership with March for Science Chicago, for a roundtable discussion designed to explore STEM policy, prompt dialogue, and create a call to action within the National Society of Black Engineers due to the impact that legislation and policy has on STEM students and professionals. We also welcome our keynote, Garry Cooper, PhD, the CEO and Co-founder of Rheaply, Inc., a Chicago-based Tech Startup, to further discuss policy's effect on STEM.l
    The keynote will be provided by Garry Cooper, PhD of Rheaply, Inc. along with a partnership with March for Science - Chicago.


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