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Workshops for the 2017 Professional Development Conference will fall into one of the following tracks:

Early Career Academic Development: Provide a unique opportunity to prepare engineers and scientist for careers in academia and industrial research (i.e. faculty development and research development/networking)

  • Engineers Can Teach Too!:  When one decides to become involved in STEM, one sector that is not discussed is using the engineer degree in academia.  Research has shown that many students do not continue on in STEM ... More

Leadership Development: Designed to provide leaders with the skills, tools or techniques to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing business and industrial workplace

  • Driving Your Organization's Results and Impacts: Managing a local NSBE chapter is one of the best ways to mature as leaders.  This workshop is designed to impact active and interested leaders and members ...More
  • NSBE Professionals Brainstorming Session: Convene initial NSBE discussion groups during NSBE PDC and Annual Convention that lead to the eventual formation of the NSBE Endowment ...More

Personal Development: Provides attendees with the opportunity to develop personal skills that can be used outside of the office.

  • Advancing Your Professional Brand: Professional branding, networking and career search best practices! ...More
  • Master Planning for IDEA: A new generation of emerging engineers, innovators, and leaders on the pathway to addressing issues in infrastructure, by collaboratively finding solutions.  A holistic approach requires reflecting ...More
  • When Your Fall Comes: More often than not, we're told how to achieve success, avoid mistakes and how to win.  What happens when you fail?  How do you survive ...More
  • Project Management and Delivery Excellence Sponsored by CH2M: Participants to learn from a panel of CH2M staff and our local client(s) on best practices for project management and delivering on expectations of clients. ...More

Professional Development: Focuses on the three pillars to professional success: preparation, development, and execution and should provide information or skills for career development

  • Burnout: Today's Silent and Sneaky Occupational Hazard: Let's face it! Bottom-line, big picture, "BURNOUT" is a given occupational hazard of living in today's world.  It's just the nature of the beast ...More


Technical Growth: To gain the technical skills that will inspire creativity and enthusiasm in a technical learning community.

  • Implementing Autonomous Vehicles in an Equitable Way: Your Take?: Autonomous, or self-driving, vehicle (AV) technology may be the most significant innovation in transportation since the mass introduction of automobiles ...More


We are dedicated to the advancement and success of Black engineers across the globe.


Collaborate with universities, companies and organizations


Elevate your career path to the next level through workshops, networking and advanced training.

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